The Great and the Good

Why sing of the lives

of the fortunate few

whose gong-heavy entries

weigh down Who’s Who?


They’re smug on their summits 

and on Footsie Boards,

Permanent Secretaries

or rotund Law Lords;


generals, merchant bankers,

Top Brass at the Beeb,

dons, doctors, bishops . . .

You can spot the breed


by their ability

blind obedience to claim

from drudges and drivers

and shy, single, tame


PAs who sacrifice

lonely weekends

to type bland speeches 

for skimpy stipends.


O don’t be deceived

by the Great and the Good –

you’re a rung on their ladder

on their fire, wood,


grain for their harvest,

a wheel on their car,

corpse on their D-Day,

night for their star.

Published in Snakeskin 265, October 2019