Not for Sissies

Growing old

is not for sissies . . .

Who said that?

Memory misses


once again

its target, but

that’s not surprising

four score up.


I’ve two new hips

plus a pacemaker

in my youth

I was a racer


who won an annual

schoolboy’s fame:

now I need

a Zimmer frame.


They try to make

us watch TV 

all afternoon.

I doze till tea.


After each meal

I take my pills

lined up like soldiers

on their drills.


I had a house

I had a wife

I had a job

I had a life


and sometimes bored

grandchildren visit

their wish to be elsewhere



Yes growing old

requires great gumption.

But who’d prefer

the other option?

Published in Snakeskin 265, October 2019