Point one – don’t screw up.

Please.  Point two – any Zoë

Baird stuff? Check. Point three –


not sex as such, but

pay-offs, lies.  The Cisneros

thing. Point four – money:


how much?  How made? How

spent? Tax records sure.  Point five –

plus points if black or


female, but only

if they’re clean on one to four.

Point six – no Press, not


till all our ducks are

in a row.  Point seven – no

whisper on the Hill


till ditto.  Point eight –

blow it, you’re toast.  I’m toast. Hence

point one – no screw-ups.


Questions? Comments? Well

that’s it.  Call me anytime.

And have a good day.

Published in HappenStance Envoy, 2013