Boring people can be right

although they drone on through the night

while you struggle to be polite

or simply to stay awake. Insight:

boring people can be right.


Righteous people can be wrong –

beware, they want you to belong,

to chant their clichéd marching song.

And they usually prevail, provided they’re strong.

Righteous people can be wrong.


Attractive people can be bad,

or brutes, as in the Iliad.

They smile at you: your heart goes mad –

how many times have you been had?

Attractive people can be bad.


Apparent angels can be snakes –

trusted friends prove utter fakes –

lovers turn out faithless rakes –

bright minds grow up as dull remakes

or worse, dangerous nutcakes –

well-meaning colleagues can make mistakes

and drop you in it –

                            result: head/heartaches.


The problem is, how does one tell

if X represents heaven or hell?

Not only that – can you be sure

you’re not in a category you deplore?

You know yourself? That’s really cool!

Myself? Well, as a general rule

I’d say our fundamental flaw

is the faculty ourselves to fool –


but you’ll think me such a frightful bore . . .

Published Snakeskin 256, December 2018